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You have the capacity to flourish no matter your age, gender, personality type or skill/experience level. From beginner to seasoned professional –Wired to Win™ raises the level of your “game”.

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David Breslow


Speaker—Keynote/Breakout Session/Workshop

Las Vegas, Nevada     702.966.5888 or Cell: 818-844-6946  


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3 headshot 500 pix 240x300 David Breslow is a “Game Changer”

David’s message is clear, concise and very easy to integrate. This clarity helps you move forward more rapidly and consistently.  Organizations like yours want their investment to create real change and something people can apply well after the presentation ends.

David does just that.

He shows you how you can excel and be inspired and motivated to transform the way you live, work and play! 

Through the use of humor, relevant stories and provable insights,  David reveals how you can think, feel and do things differently–not only now, but in the future too. “I have no interest in helping people “cope” better. Coping leads to mediocrity”, David says. Why?  Here’s the proof. The synonyms for the word cope are: to handle, deal with, struggle with and survive”. Is THAT what you or your organization want? Why waste time, energy and money coping when you can innovate and create something new and better–and do that now!”

This is what uniquely separates David from the “feel good”  Speaker–it’s one thing to get that “high” for a moment and  It’s another to shine a light that allows people to innovate and create something new right now and long after he leaves.

David has inspired Corporate Professionals, Pro/Amateur Athletes, Actors/ Entertainers and Health Professionals to experience real change quickly and consistently.

David brings a fresh, exciting, no-holds barred point of view to how your audience can excel under any conditions to expand their talents and transform the way they live, work and play!


  • Take-Aways that impact performance—NOW and in the future!

  • Greater Confidence

  • Higher Levels of Energy

  • Increased Clarity

To see David’s most popular topics–go here

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